Monday, July 25, 2011

I Think I Love You

By Allison Pearson

I am way behind in posting this- actually finished it a while ago and I've probably read five or six since then.  Very active reader, extremely lazy blogger!

Summary:  When Petra was 13, she and her friends were huge David Cassidy fans at the height of his popularity.  She and a friend entered a contest of knowledge of all things David, hoping for a chance to meet the object of their affection.  Fast foward about 25 years and Petra is now going through a divorce and her controlling mother has just died.  While going through her mother's things, Petra finds a reply from the contest from so long ago that her mother had hidden from her, announcing that she and her friend had won the contest.  Instead of just tossing the letter, Petra decides to see if she can still claim her prize. 

My Thoughts:  I wanted to read this book because I too was a huge David Cassidy fan back in the day.  The premise of this book sounded like it would be really light and funny, but it kind of wasn't.  There were some funny parts, but it was more of a serious book, describing first Petra's painful longing to belong to a certain group of girls as a teen-ager that she really didn't fit in with and then adult Petra trying to come to grips with the changes her life is taking because of her divorce and the death of her mother.  I enjoyed this book, but it was not what I expected.  The David Cassidy angle was a different twist on the story of a woman realizing that her life is not what she thought it was, but I was a little disappointed but that was not full of laughs (after all, how seriously can you take David Cassidy?)  Overall, it was a good read, just not what I thought I was getting.