Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just want to make sure y'all read this book!!!

Miss Hildreth Wore Brown:  Anecdotes of a Southern Belle by Olivia DeBelle Byrd

If you're reading this review, I'm sure you already read the one posted by my lovely and much more famous daughter, Stephanie the Bookworm.  As soon as I read it, I demanded she give it to me read, thus holding up the person she is sending this to from Good Reads (sorry 'bout that, but motherhood has some privileges!) BTW, she did send it out today.  She doesn't usually give her books away, but this one was so cute and she really wanted to get it out there so more people could enjoy it, it's that good!

Anyway, I was a southern belle myself for a short time when I was a little girl and we lived in Smyrna, Georgia for a few years, so I am always interested in the Southern way of life.  This book is a collection of short essays on a variety of topics that are all so amusing.  My particular favorite is where she is describing a friend of hers who was on a very long car trip with her three children.  After hours and hours of listening to them fight, she finally snapped, turned and pointed to them each in turn and said, "I hate you, I hate you and I hate you."  Love it and could totally identify with that emotion.

If Stephanie didn't convince you to give this book a try, I hope I gave you a little push in the right direction.

P.S.  The author is so sweet - after Stephanie posted her review, she sent her a thank you note!!  How very Southern and polite of her!!

So what are you waiting for, go get this book!!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Been reading, but no time to write reviews!!!

My last post was March 8th.  I am so ashamed.  I've actually read quite a bit since then, but have been too busy (or lazy) to write reviews.  


Miles to Go  by Richard Paul Evans

This is the second in the series of "The Walk."  I read "The Walk" last year when it came out and it was so good, I read it in one sitting.  This is not as great an accomplishment as it sounds, as these are short books, but so well written.  In the first book, Alan Christoffersen, loses his wife, his house and business within a month.  He decides to cash in everything he owns and walk from Seatle to Key West with only a backpack. 

"Miles to Go" picks up where "The Walk" left off.  I won't ruin it for you, because if you haven't read "The Walk" yet, you should definitely read that first. 

I can't recommend these books enough.  The character of Alan is so sad, yet so strong and I can't wait to read the third installment, which unfortunately doesn't come out until April of 2012.  I absolutely guarantee you will love these books!!!

On Borrowed Time by David Rosenfelt

Richard Kilmer is head over heels in love with Jennifer Ryan, who takes him home to meet her parents, where she accepts his marriage proposal.  During a drive, a freak storm rolls in and Richard loses control of the car.  When the storm clears in a matter of seconds, Jen is gone.  Neither Richard nor the police responding to the scene can find her.  More horrifying is that no one in Richard's life will confirm Jen's existence and all traces of her disappeared.  Has Richard lost his mind or has something far worse happened?

David Rosenfelt is one of my favorite authors, who has on ongoing series featuring smartass lawyer, Andy Carpenter, which is awesome.  At first I was disappointed that this book wasn't about Andy and the gang, but this book drew me in within the first few pages and I kept reading way past my bedtime so I could see how it ended.  This kept me guessing until the end, every time I thought  maybe I had it figured out, there was another twist. 

If  you've never read any of his work before, you definitely should.  This is a great stand alone book, but the Andy Carpenter series is totally a must read!!!

What I Watched

Dear FX network:

I hate you for making such an excellent show, "Lights Out", canceling it and then leaving the series finale with such a terrible cliff hanger!!   I hope one of the other cable networks is smart enough to pick this up and continue the story.

Totally unrelated, also hated the musical episode of Grey's Anatomy, but I don't know of anyone who liked it.  And since this horrible episode aired, there have been nothing but repeats.  I've been a fan since day one, but they're going to have to step it up, 'cuz I'm losing interest. 

Not a good TV week at all!!!