Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Welcome to my new blog!!!!

Welcome to my blog, Kim the House Mole.  Yes, I am a house mole and proud of it.  Not that I don’t go out, cuz I do, just not that much.  I’m pretty much a low maintenance girl (woman, ack!!)  I like to read and watch my shows, of which there are many.  My daughter, StephTheBookworm, has been blogging for over a year now and just loves it and has really encouraged me to start my own blog, mostly so I can go the BEA Convention with her in NYC in May. 

What I Read

For my first ever book review, I have chosen one of my favorite authors, Jen Lancaster’s newest book, “My Fair Lazy”.  My daughter and I have been loyal fans since her first book, “Bitter is the New Black”, which is hilarious.  You will laugh so hard that tears will be coming out of your eyes and even later when think about certain lines, you will laugh again all by yourself and people will question your mental capacity. 

Basically Jen, (yeah I feel that we are on a first name basis) is one of the most sarcastic, opinionated, funny people on the planet.  In “My Fair Lazy”, she is on a journey to transform herself from a reality TV watching sloth, into a sophisticated lover of arts and all things cultural.  She enlists her friend Stacy, who is everything Jen aspires to be, to teach her the ropes, and sometimes her poor husband, Fletch, who is coerced into taking wine tasting and other snobbery classes with her. 

I loved this book, as I loved all her books, because she makes me laugh.  One night I was reading while my husband was watching TV (probably that garbage picking show or the equally stupid Pawn Stars, I hate that guy), I was laughing so hard that I couldn’t stop and he told me I was weird.   She would like you to think that she is this cold, hard bitch, but when she describes her relationship with her three dogs (especially Maisy) and her many cats, you know she’s just an old softie inside. 

I would highly recommend this book or any of her books for that matter.  Just do it, she is a New York Times bestselling author you know.

What I Watched

I watch (or try to watch) a lot of shows.  I pay a lot for cable and want to get my money’s worth.  We have two DVR’s and they are both usually 90% full, so I don’t get to watch as much as I want as I also have to work for a living.  Why, oh why, have I not won the MegaMillions yet?

Today, I watched Friday Night Lights.  This is one of the all-time best shows on TV that not enough people watch.  This is their last season and it is so good.  So start with Season One - get it at the library or Netflix or Amazon or wherever you get your DVD’s, and I guarantee you will be hooked.    Yes, I’m a little bossy, but I’m a mom and that’s my job. 

So this is my blog.  Hope you liked it. 


  1. I've been considering Friday Night Lights :) Was it good?

    I <3 my Netflix instant!

    BTW, Welcome to Blogland :)

  2. Welcome Kim. I should warn you, T.V. will become a thing of the past. Blogging is very addictive.

  3. Hello Step's mom, oh I mean Kim :-)

    Welcome to blogging. Steph is one of my favourite bloggers, totally sweetie she is.

    I have Bitter is the New Black on my Wishlist because of Steph actually.


    Here is my blog if you want to visit.

  4. Welcome to the blogging world, Steph's mom! (Or Kim, whichever you prefer)

    I really enjoy Steph's blog, and I look forward to reading more of your reviews! Maybe I should check out this Jen Lancaster I keep hearing about... :o)

  5. Hi Kim, welcome to the blogging world. Stephs blog is great and I'm looking forward to getting to know you too :)

  6. Jen Lancaster is my fave! I picked up one of her books by accident a few years ago and have been obsessed ever since! We're both from Chicago, so it just makes it even better since I know all the places she describes in her writing! The reason I started following Steph's blog in the first place is the little picture on the side of her blog with Bitter Is the New Black!!!! So glad you decided to blog!

    Tara @

  7. Welcome to your new addiction.

    And if you ever go to BEA with Steph, now wouldn't that be amazing.

  8. Welcome to the blogging world! I have the first season of Friday Night Lights to watch. I happened to catch one episode last year and really enjoyed it but had no clue what was going on. I'm sad to hear it will be ending. Good shows never seem to last too long do they?

  9. I love Jen Lancaster ... and I do feel like I can call her Jen too. I still haven't read "My Fair Lazy" but I'll get there soon!

    (And my husband watches Pawn Stars too ... what is up with that????)

  10. Hellooo Kim! Just coming over here from Steph's blog! She always talks about you over at her blog, and I even remember reading your wonderful reviews on her blog!

    Welcome to the blogging world!