Wednesday, February 23, 2011


My daughter the professional blogger, Stephanie the Bookworm or STBW as her dad calls her, pointed out to me that although I want to give my book away, The J.A.P. Chronicles, I mentioned to send me an e-mail without actually giving my e-mail address.  I am so not worthy.  She suggested instead that you leave me a comment instead. 

So, if you would like me to send you this book, do like she said.  Then I guess she'll tell me what to do after that.

Kids just love to tell you when you're stupid.


  1. Some advice Kim always put your email like this eg. marceblogspot(at)hotmail(dot)com so you don't get spam or at least very minimum.

    You can put it in your About Me also.

  2. This sounds pretty good! I would read it.

    -Steph the tv goddess

  3. Sounds a great book! Unfortunately I'm in the UK so a bit far and costly for you to ship :D