Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Still Dream About You

By Fannie Flagg

What It's About:  Maggie Fortenberry is a former Miss Alabama and now a successful real estate agent.  From the outside, anyone would think she is living the perfect life. Maggie has had some heartbreak and secrets from her past and she has come up with a plan to take care of it all.

What I Thought About This Book:  I am always charmed and delighted by Fannie Flagg's books.  This one, as are all of her books, is filled with warm, crazy, funny characters.  My particular favorite is Hazel Whisenott, a self confident "small person", who was the original founder of Red Mountain Realty, where Maggie works as a real estate agent.  Although Hazel has already passed away (and is one of the reasons Maggie is so despondent), she is brought alive by the many memories shared by the other characters in the story. 

I tore through this book, as I couldn't wait to see how it all turned out.  Maggie's plan keeps getting postponed as one obstacle after another gets in the way of her carrying  it out.  I think anyone looking for a not too serious read would enjoy this or any of Ms. Flagg's books.


What I Watched

Today I want to talk about Lights Out, which is a new series on FX.  FX usually puts out one or two new series a year and they are almost always winners -Rescue Me, Damages, Justified and last seasons's Terriors, which was awesome, but unfortunately not renewed.

Lights Out is on Tuesday nights at 10:00 and I have to admit I was way behind without about four episodes on my DVR that I hadn't had a chance to watch yet.  My son also loves this show and has been pestering me to get caught up, so I had a marathon yesterday.  All I have to say is WOW! 

Patrick "Lights" O'Leary was the heavyweight boxing champ until his defeat five years ago by "Death Row" Reynolds.  He was badly hurt in this fight and his wife made him promise her that he would stop boxing.  Unfortunately Lights' brother Johnny, his business manager (and a complete douche) has squandered away all 12 million dollars of his winnings and now Lights is danger of losing everything.  He feels his only way out is to return to the boxing ring.

Although I  am not really a boxing fan, but loved all the Rocky movies, I must say there is something totally satisfying about watching some total jerk getting punched repeatedly.  The actual boxing is just a small part of this show and there's enough drama to keep just about anybody interested.  Give it a try, I think you'll like it!!!


  1. You probably didn't even read it Joe, it didn't have any pictures!! (That's my charming husband.)