Monday, August 1, 2011


By Allie Larkin

I am feeling kind of lazy, so instead of describing this book, I'll just post it's trailer!!

Now, the original idea was to try to get the cover dog, Argo, who is Allie Larkin's actual dog, in the trailer. I prefer this one, but they chose not to use it.

I am going to state at the outset of this review, that I was not in any way influenced by the fact that Allie Larkin is absolutely adorable and came to our Book Club meeting and brought us wine, while writing my review.  Even if she did not come (which was awesome) and was a total doll (which she was!), I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY loved this book.

First off, any book that features an animal as a prominent character is a winner in my book.  I have a dog that I am so in love with it's scary, even though he does not respond to commands in Slovakian (or in English for that matter!),so I could totally connect with the main character, Van, deciding to get a dog to restart her life and finally have someone to count on, when the unrequited love of her life, Peter, marries her best friend Janey.

This book was funny at times, made me cry at times and was just overall a fantastic read.  I basically read it in one sitting while out in the sun, because I wanted to see how it ended.  And then I was sad it was over.  Allie did tell us at our Book Club meeting (WHICH SHE CAME TO!!!), that she is not done with Van yet and might possibly come back to her in a future book.  YAY!!!

I am totally looking forward to Allie's next book, which is in the works.  In the meantime, she has an essay in an anthology book, coming out in September I think, called "I'm Not the Biggest Bitch in This Relationship",
which is a collection of essays about the authors' dogs.  Sounds hilarious!

I would highly recommend this to anyone, regardless of what genre you usually read, as it was just so enjoyable!!  Loved it!!!


  1. I didn't really know what to expect when I read Stay last year but I really enjoyed it. Funny, sweet, poignant - this book has it all and I recommend it to a lot of friends. How fun to have the author at your book club! I'm so glad to hear she may write about Van again.

  2. That had to be fun to have the author at your book club meeting! I had this book in my hot little hands at the library but put it down when I realized I probably wouldn't have time to read it before it would be due back. I hope it is there next time. I will be sure to get it after reading how much you enjoyed it.

  3. Thank you so much for having me at your book club, Kim! It was so much fun to hang out with you ladies!

    Mary! Thank you! I'm thrilled that you enjoyed STAY!
    Beth - I hope you enjoy!